Potshots by Zipgun

  • It always comes down to money, why we need a constitutional amendment.

    The scorched earth strategy that the GOP is pursuing in the victory at any cost quest for regaining control of the senate and White House ( http://tinyurl.com/mksvtyv ) has as one of its main tenants rampant deregulation. It is only possible for them to pursue the insane strategy of breaking government to gain control of government  because corporate media does not do its intended job.

    The United States gets different news from the rest of the world ( http://tinyurl.com/6nohbhe ). Rather than doing real journalism it practices access journalism and focuses on a bizarre form of pseudo-balance ( http://tinyurl.com/mqehylv ) that elevates meritless arguments to the same status as reasoned thought and obscures facts by presenting them along side of uneducated opinion.

    Why is the media able to get away with doing this? Because there is no true competition. The number of corporations that control the vast majority of the media continues to shrink, due to the FCC continuing to relax and weaken the anti-trust protections. Only 6 corporations ( http://tinyurl.com/cl8h7e7 ) own the vast majority of media broad casting out lets in the United States. 

    The FCC's board members are allowed to go work for the industry it regulates, and people who work for the industry are appointed to the FCC. This is true for every regulated industry in the United States, not just the media corporations. Elected officials are dependent on corporate money to win elections and also are allowed to work for, or become lobbyists for the corporations that are affected by the laws that are passed while the politicians are in office. 

    Corporate lobbyists write legislation that benefits the companies they work for at the expense of the consumer or average citizen. This legislation is then given to politicians they contribute campaign money to. All too often these beholden politicians are successful in passing the legislation proved to them by their sponsors.

    In these ways corporations can influence and manipulate the system with money at several different levels. In turn, this becomes an investment that benefits them by allowing them to make more money and reduce over site and regulation. All of this is legal because of one 1976 Supreme Court ruling that states money equals free speech. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buckley_v._Valeo). This one ruling is the basis for Citizens United and has completely handcuffed any efforts for campaign finance limits or reform. 

    But there is a remedy available to us. We can pass an amendment that will end corporate personhood and get unlimited money out of our election process. There is an organization that has been created just for this purpose, Wolf Pac. Vermont is the first state to pass a resolution calling for the constitutional amendment to get money out of politics, with broad bi-partician support. 20 other states have had resolutions introduced, and Alaska, California and Iowa have had the legislation pass on of the legislative chambers.


    You can join Wolf Pac at http://www.wolf-pac.com

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