Potshots by Zipgun

  • If you can't browbeat them, usurp them.

    Bunny Yeager has passed. She was a former pinup model turned queen of the pinup photographers. What I find most interesting about her career is that her photography did not hide what a woman's body really looked like. This was very much against the trend that not only continues today, but has gone over the top with photoshoped magazine images that often bear little resemblance to reality. 

    She found the power, beauty and sexuality of her models while at the same time allowing her models to set the limits with what they were comfortable with. And Bunny herself had limits to what she would photograph. Curves, cellulite or other "flaws" were not something to hide, but part of a woman's natural beauty.

    Men find women's bodies attractive. I think the answer to hyper sexual portrayals of women in pop culture is not discouraging it, but having women involved in making decisions as to how women are portrayed. Bunny did just that, and made it in what was very much a man's world. 




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